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A writ is a directive from a higher court to a lower court or government officials. Writs are typically only pursued when a person has no other options. Most states in the U.S. allow parties to file writs, which require that the detainee's request be considered by a judge or court. Writs were invented to help prevent unconstitutional imprisonment.

The Orlando appeals attorneys at our firm can help you defend your rights in a wide variety of situations. Whether we help you secure a writ, or take another path to securing a just and favorable result in your case, our legal team can provide top-quality counsel informed by experience in approximately 3,000 cases. Contact Halscott Megaro PA today to work with a seasoned professional.


The "Great Writ" of Habeas Corpus

The writ of habeas corpus is probably the most common and well-known writ used in criminal court cases. It is used to mandate that an inmate be brought to trial to determine whether imprisonment is lawful or should continue. Typically, an inmate will argue that imprisonment is unconstitutional. While habeas corpus can be filed in state of federal courts, it can only be granted at the federal level if state avenues have been exhausted.

Habeas corpus can be used to prove that an individual is innocent in his or her case and shouldn't continue his or her prison sentence. It is a way to pardon convicted defendants who may have been wrongfully accused. If you want more information about the great writ of habeas corpus, don't hesitate to talk with a skilled appellate law attorney at our firm. We can help you to determine whether or not you should request a writ that will allow you to attend another court proceeding regarding your case.

Other Writs Used in Florida Law are: Writ of certiorari, Writ of prohibition, Writ of mandamus, Writ of quo warranto
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