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Criminal cases are some of the strictest regarding appeal eligibility. As stated within Florida law, you are typically not allowed to file an appeal if you pleaded guilty or nolo contendere. However, within this guideline there are certain criteria that will allow you to file for appeal.

These guidelines grant the right to appeal a guilty or nolo contendere plea:
  • Reservation of right to appeal
  • Only appealing the lower tribunal's lack of subject matter jurisdiction
  • A violation of the plea agreement only if it was preserved by a previous motion
  • A sentencing error, if it was already preserved
It is important that you meet these guidelines. There are generally no exceptions allowed when filing for a criminal appeal.

If your case is eligible for appeal, it is important that you pursue the counsel of someone with extensive knowledge on the matter of appeals. An Orlando appeals attorney from Halscott Megaro PA can provide you with personalized assistance based on your unique circumstances.

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