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Civil Rights Restoration

In Florida, if you have a past felony conviction, you lose your right to vote, serve on a jury, and hold public office. Florida is one of only three states that permanently disfranchises people (deprive them of their citizenship) that have been convicted of a felony. Firearms privileges are lost upon conviction of any felony. A convicted felon may have their privileges restored by a pardon after an eight-year waiting period.

If you are interested in finding out what needs to be done to restore your civil rights, we encourage you to contact an Orlando appeals attorney from Halscott Megaro PA Attorneys at Law - The Appeals Law Group. In a free consultation, we will carefully review your case and explain all of your options and what steps need to be taken to restore your civil rights

Civil Rights Restoration

The requirements for the two categories of Restoration of Civil Rights are as follows:

Category 1 for Less Serious Convictions

  • No hearing required
  • Complete 5-year waiting period
  • No pending charges or detainers
  • All court-ordered restitution paid
  • Remain arrest and conviction free since release
  • Must not have been convicted of a serious crime such as manslaughter, murder, sexual battery, robbery, aggravated child abuse, kidnapping, aggravated battery, and much more

Category 2 for More Serous Convictions

  • Hearing is required
  • Complete sentence, supervision, or probation
  • No pending charges or detainers
  • All court-ordered restitution paid
  • Complete 7-year waiting period
  • No convictions since release
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