United States Supreme Court to Decide Whether to Hear Corvain Cooper’s Appeal

Through his pro bono attorney Patrick Michael Megaro, Corvain Cooper has once again appealed to the United States Supreme Court to challenge his sentence of life without the possibility of parole for Federal marijuana distribution charges. The United States Government has submitted a response, opposing the appeal and urging the Supreme Court to deny Corvain Cooper relief from his sentence.

Today, September 27, 2018, the United States Supreme Court announced that Corvain Cooper’s petition to appeal will be heard on during the October 12, 2018 conference.  During this part of the process, each of the Justices of the Supreme Court receive a copy of the petition to appeal (petition for a writ of certiorari), and the Justices’ law clerks read and review the petition, create a memorandum outlining the case, and the Justices meet to decide whether to grant the petition and agree to hear the appeal, or not.

Corvain Cooper and his family remain hopeful that the Supreme Court will grant the petition and agree to hear his appeal.

The case is Corvain T. Cooper v. United States, Docket # 18-5222.

A link to the online Supreme Court docket can be found at

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