The Appeals Process

Counsel from an Orlando Appeals Attorney

People convicted at trial may have the right to appeal the decision to a federal court of appeals. Not all cases are accepted for appeal, but those that are will move on to this higher court. In criminal cases specifically, a defendant who is found to be guilty may want to appeal the verdict if the case was impacted by errors, possible juror misconduct, or various other unfair practices.

Either side in a criminal case may appeal with respect to the sentence that is being imposed. For example, if you are proven guilty of murder and you are sentenced to the death penalty, you may want to appeal this sentence and work toward a lifetime prison sentence instead. For top-quality legal guidance in any case, contact an Orlando appeals lawyer from our firm. In a dozen years, we have handled thousands of cases in states across the nation, giving us the experience needed to help you formulate an effective appeal. Call our office today to learn more!

Understanding Appellate Law

A litigant or defendant who files an appeal is called an "appellant." This person has to prove that the court made a legal error that directly affected the decision of the case. The court of appeals will make its decision based on the records of the case that are established. In appeals, additional evidence or witness testimony are not presented.

Instead, the court only looks at the factual findings of other courts or agencies. These findings are compiled into briefs. At Appeals Law Group, we can write detailed briefs citing the court records and grounds for appeal. With a strong brief, we may be able to prove that the court did not act legally, and the original verdict in the case may be amended.

10 Steps of an Appeal

Hire a Skilled Appeals Team to Assist You

If you are convicted of a crime and would like to challenge the conviction with an appeal, you will not want to do so alone. Appeals can be complicated and rely on the attorney's ability to write a convincing, organized brief. You will want a skilled Orlando appeals attorney to assist you in your case and carefully guide you through the appeals process. Call Appeals Law Group today to get started.